What is RED-CMS™?

RED-CMS™ is an easy to use Content Management System to update your website. It provides you full control of navigation, unlimited sections, pages, as well as advanced items including CSS, header and footer, page layouts and multiusers accounts with different privileges to edit your content. The administrator area loads on top of your website without interfering for easy navigation and edition.

How it Works

The administration area is composed of 6 main areas:


This area controls the content and layout of the current page.

This area is divided in 3 tabs:

Edit Content.
The content of the page you are visiting, which resemble the layout of the template page.
Add Content.
A group of components to select the type of content you need to add.
And another tab with Tools to Move content to different sections.

Inactive Articles

An area to collect inactive articles.

Sections, Categories and Subcategories

Each of these areas include SEO controls, article limits and control features that come with your selected template.

Add Section.


This area gives you control over Website Title, slogan, Logo, Header, Footer, CSS and Layouts.

Edit Advanced Items.
Advanced Features.
Edit CSS or Website Logo easily using drag and drop.


All templates have areas that are defined as a Component.
The following list of components gives you basic control to content administration: 

ComponentStart PackageSmall Business PackageBusiness PackageNon-Profit Package
Article x x x x
Form Contact x x x x
Form Response x x x x
Form Register x x x x
FTP x x x x
Gallery x x x x
Video x x x x
Banner x x x x
Other x x x x
Submenus x x x x
Testimonial   x x x
Paypal Payments   x x x
Store     x  



Each component has its own set of variables that can be used according to any type of project.  These components share the following edition characteristics by default:

Use common word processor features directly to your web pages.
Drag and Drop to features or articles headers. Automatic image resizing.
Article Location.
Automatically show articles on page or select any website location.
Activation and Expiration Date.
Set any date for activation or expiration and the system does it for you.