Referral Program

Are you a salesperson looking for a great product or service to sell? Or perhaps someone out there just looking for a way to make a little extra money?

Red-Sphere has created the Red-CMS™ Referral Program providing you with the opportunity to earn a commission on every Red-CMS™ website you sell. Every time you sell a Red-CMS™ you receive a commission. So whether you just happen to know someone who might need a website, or you want to actively sell Red-CMS™, read below to see how the Red-CMS™ Referral Program can help you increase your income.

How It Works

1. You tell someone about Red-CMS™ websites.

2. That person purchases a  Red-CMS™ website.

3. We ask who referred them and they inform us that you did.

4. We send you a check upon receiving payment from them.

It's that easy!

Commission Rates

- 10% for every  Red-CMS™ website you sell.

Example: You refer someone who purchases a 20 page  Red-CMS™ website with a Form. Total price for this is $799. You receive 10% of that, which is $79.